A member of a prominent Wheeling family, Annie invited local women to her elegant home to discuss civic projects and social issues. The Woman’s Club of Fairmont was organized and federated in the West Virginia General Federation of Woman’s Clubs (GFWC-WV) in 1906 by Annie Sweeney Fleming at her stately home at 300 First Street. The Club received federation in the GFWC in 1907. The Woman’s Club of Fairmont was incorporated in 1912.
Thomas and Annie Fleming died within a week of each other in 1937. One of Annie’s last wishes was that the family home be passed to the Woman’s Club. In 1938 the Fleming heirs, Allison Sweeney Fleming and sister, Jean M Wilshire, sold the House to the Club for $25,000.
Club colors are Green and Cardinal. The Club flower is the Red Carnation. The Club Moto: “Neglect not the gift that is in thee”. The “Object” of the Club as stated in the Articles of Incorporation is:  “The object of this club is to promote mutual counsel and sympathy and unity of action among its members, the advancement of various interests of women, and the improvement of the civic, moral and education conditions of the City of Fairmont.” There were 506 members.

Mrs. Thomas W. Fleming

1906 – 1910


Mrs. G. A. Brown

1953 – 1955

Mrs. George Thomas Watson

1910 – 1912


Mrs. Kenneth Weihe

1955 – 1957

Mrs. High F. Smith

1912 – 1914


Mrs. Eric Summers

1957 – 1959

Mrs. Howard N. Ogden

1912 – 1914


Mrs. G. A. Brown

1959 – 1961

Mrs. John H. Hough (Acting )

1913 – 1914


Mrs. James Brownfield

1961 – 1963

Mrs. George DeBolt

1914 – 1916


Mrs. J. Paul Roby

1963 – 1964

Mrs. James A. Meredith

1916 – 1918


Mrs. Dane Robinson

1964 – 1968

Mrs. J. Walter Barnes

1918 – 1920


Miss Myrtle McKinney

1968 – 1970

Mrs. Lucien N. Yost

1920 – 1922


Mrs. Robert E. Tillett

1970 – 1972

Mrs. Joseph Rosier

1922 – 1924


Mrs. Jemina Goode

1972 – 1974

Mrs. Otis Guy Wilson

1924 – 1926


Mrs. Rex Morgan Smith

1974 – 1976

Mrs. Levi B. Harr

1926 – 1928


Mrs. John F. Shotts

1976 – 1980

Mrs. John Scott Pierpont

1928 – 1930


Mrs. Thomas Wilshire

1982 – 1984

Mrs. Charles Parks

1930 – 1932


Mrs. Leonard Napple

1984 – 1986

Mrs. George F. Jaynes

1932 – 1934


Mrs. Margaret Willard

1986 – 1988

Mrs. Oliver Shurtleff

1935 – 1936


Mrs. Zola Bracken

1988 – 1990

Mrs. A Earl Jackson

1936 – 1938


Mrs. Heidi Brumage

1990 – 1992

Mrs. Edward Ames Grose

1938 – 1940


Mrs. Edith Haney

1992 - 1994

Mrs. John W. Pence

1940 – 1942


No President –


Mrs. Harry Louden

1942 – 1943


Board Provided leadership

1994 – 1996

Mrs. H. S. Brubaker

1943 – 1945


Mrs. June Conaway

1996 - 2002

Mrs. John W. Williams

1945 – 1947


Mrs. Adna Thomas   

 2008 – 2010

Mrs. Charles Erditz

1947 – 1949


Mrs. Thomas Bickerstaff

 2010 – 2017

Mrs. John Rosevear

1949 – 1951


Miss Marcella Yaremchuk

2017 - 2020

Mrs. Frank K. Everest

1951 – 1953


Nancy Porter


In 1931 there were the following Departments and committees: American Citizenship, Home Economics, Junior Department, Literature and Art, Applied Education, Community Service, Conservation, Music, Membership, Programs, Finance, Hospitality, Publicity, Club House, Credentials, Legislation, Public Welfare and International Relations.
Some of the Departments met on separate days either at the Club House, the Masonic Temple or the homes of Department Chairs. General Club meetings hosted guest speakers and musical entertainment. Members paid $.50 to attend a meeting. Each Department gave reports on their various civic projects or programs within their departments.
Financial Statement as of June 1, 1930 list total cash resources of $10,765.99.
Excerpts from the 1947 Membership book listed activities for the monthly meetings. An Autumn Tea was held in Oct. January’s program was “Psychology for Living”, “Making the Most of Meats presented by Armour & Co., and June hosted a Semi-Formal Summer Dance with Joe LaRosa’s orchestra. The Garden Department held programs each month on garden hints. The Literature and Art Department held programs on “Literary Samplers’, Book Reviews and a Hobby Show. A Conservation program was presented to the High School students. Other department programs included religious programs, lusterware exhibit, food and kitchen equipment demonstrations and the annual birthday party at the Children’s Shelter. Sixty members attended a flower arrangement school. The Club celebrated its 40th anniversary honoring the charter members.
The Club House was opened weekly for the Red Cross sewing. The Club worked with Marion County Youth Camp promoting conservation.   Contributions were made the Marion County United Appeal, Cancer Control, Red Cross, WV Society for Crippled Children, “Girl Scouts (white and colored)”. They participated in an appeal from GFWC-WV for clothing to be sent to Greece. Articles were sent to the Medical Center at Weston.
Bank Balance as of April 1, 1947 was $71.71. The Club owned War Bonds in the amount of $600. $1,500 was paid to the principal on the Club House debt. New kitchen equipment was given to the club through the American Home and Hospitality Department.
Excerpts from the 1965-1966 The GFWC Theme in 1964 was “Diamond Jubilee of Service for Freedom and Growth”. GFWC-WV theme was “Press On”. Year Book acknowledge a new department – Civic League. A joint Christmas meeting was held with the General Club, Civic League and the Junior Department. January hosted a Men’s Night smorgasbord with the General Club. General Club programs included a Fall Fashion Forum, current Broadway play review, presentation by EFHS drama department, “Hats and History”, Spring Concert by the Alderson-Broaddus College music department and the Annual membership Tea. Garden Department programs included “Table Flower Show”, Pine Cone Workshop, and The Art of Dried Arrangements”
The Civic League presented programs on “Literary Gems – Miss Jo Ann Lough” and a Tour of Boys Home at Pruntytown.
There were 280 members in 1966.
Excerpts from 1968 - 1970 Year Book. GFWC Theme was “Individual Involvement” and GFWC-WV Theme was “Volunteers Make A Difference”.  General Club programs for the year included ”Iberia Airlines of Spain – Vacation in Spain”,”Your Community and You”, Education Committee presented the President of A. B. College as guest speaker”, “Portrait of a Home”, and Archealogy in WV” and Mountains, Parks and Streams”. Civic League continued supporting the Cancer Loan Closet. Civic League programs included “Twentieth Century Russia”, Visiting the Evansdale Campus at WVU, “Alcoholism and Drug Addiction”, and the Annual Spring Fashion Show.
The Bank Balance was $745.93. The loan account balance was $2,219.92. Balance due on the house loan was $12,072.70. Membership was 267.
The GFWC Theme for 1970 – 1972 was “ A Better Environment” and the GFWC-WV Theme was “Forward together – Ob Portus”. Excerpts from 1972 Year Book represented the following community service programs: Sponsored a child at Colin-Anderson State home for “mentally retarded” children; collected Christmas gifts for Weston Mental Hospital and Colin-Anderson; four movies pertaining to cancer; a “pap” survey was conducted; contributed wash cloth at Christmas to Pinecrest Sanitarium; books and magazines were collected sent to Pruntytown Industrial Home for boys; helped on TB Mobil Unit; contributed to Friends of the Library; collected food for the Salvation Army, sponsored Pearl S Buck; members served as volunteers at our hospital; contributed packages to Care; members solicited door to door for Hear and Cancer Fund and sponsored a course in defensive driving.
Bank Balance April 30, 1971 was 505.51. Savings account balance was $1,168.15. Loan checking account balance was $832.50. Loan balance was $6,276.45. There were 155 members.
Excerpts from the 1974 Year Book showcased the installation of new carpet and a major reduction in the House debt. Checking account balance was $1,389.40. $814.33 is the loan account and balance due on the loan $2,325.40. Membership was 230.
The Theme for the 1976-1978 GFWC-WV was “Strengthen the Home Front”. Honor Points for Clubs were listed in the Year Book. Programs for the General Club included Men’s Night, Christmas Music and Christmas Tea, “Crime and Prevention by the Fairmont Police Department, “Rape and Rape Prevention presented by Patrician Ryan of FSC and “Our Moral Crisis” by Rev. Wendell Eskew. Monthly programs were presented to members of the Garden Club, Civic League, Arts Department and Home Life. Some of the service projects to benefit the community were Meals-on-Wheels, The Union Mission, Hands Up Program, Pearl Buck Foundation, Marion County Rescue Squad, Prickett’s Fort, Care, Cancer Fund and Handicapped Children’s Olympic Programs. An Outstanding Educational Program included Fairmont State College Scholarship, a gift of 326 Golden Books to first graders and a West Virginia History book donated to the Marion County Public Library.
Year End financial statement dated April 30, 1977 showed a balance of $288.34. Membership was 162.
Excerpts from the 1997 Year Book listed a Executive Board as President, June Conaway, 1st VP Jane Ball; 2nd VP Marjorie Hayhurst; Recording Secretary Grace Current, Corresponding Secretary Helen Clevenger, Treasurer Louise Stewart, Assistant Treasurer Sharon Hager. Board of Management positions listed were Civic League, Public Affairs Department, Fine Arts Committee, Membership, Programs, Telephone, Yearbook, Protocol, Credentials, Publicity, Fundraising, Hospitality, Club House Chairman and Garden Department. The 1972 – 1974 GFWC Theme was “Reverence-Respect-Responsibility”. GFWC-WV Theme was “The Time Is Now”.
Programs included WVU Extension Agent on Creative Foods, Holiday Entertaining, Athletic Director FSC, Hawaiian Luau, Craft Show, Fall Bazaar and English High Tea and House Tour. Civic League Programs included Picnic at Morris Park, Executive Director of Marion County Senior Center on health issues. Times-West Virginian about the newspaper business; Dr Leonard Simmons on Foot Care and Annual Health “Kick Off” with Bud Ford discussing “funerals”.
Cash Balance April 30, 1997 $5,370.93. Membership was 121.
Excerpts from the 2009 Year Book showed a Cash Balance on hand of $22,816.20. Membership was 81. No projects were listed. This appears to be the last year book published.